2012/13 Report Part I  From Elite 75 Prep

I want to first start off by saying thank you again to everyone that attended the Elite75 camp for 2006. For this to be the second year for Elite75, we knew that he had to step our game up and and get some big names in the Charlotte. Getting some big names is what we wanted and getting those names it what we did.  With having over 60 players in the 2011 class and over 50 in the 2012 and 2013, made the event memorable. On Saturday, players started with stretching and drills, then a motivational speech by camp Director Julian Miller, a Laurinburg Prep School standout, a star studded DII player, and prominent teammate to the great “Pistol Pete”. After that players were treated by a speech by Byron Dinkins, a UNC at Charlotte Star, who played in the NBA for such teams as the Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs before becoming an overseas legend by breaking records in the European league for years. Hoopscoop Middle School Analyst, Patrick Stanwood, was on hand that morning and talked to the players on what scouting services really look for during events, to better give players an idea of what to expect. After that the camp got rolling, especially what the dunk contest to get the camp crunk. Participants were 6'3 8th Grader Zach Sharp from York (Middle School) SC, 6'1 8th Grader Quddus Bello from High Point (Jamestown Middle School) NC, 6'6 8th Grader Jacob Lawson from Reidsville (Dillard Middle School) NC, 6'0 8th Grader Jacoby Davis from Charlotte (James Martin Middle School) NC, 5'9 8th Grader Marquis Rankin from Charlotte (Providence Day Middle School) NC, 5'11 8th Grader Delante Bishop Daniels from Raleigh, NC, Jayvaughn Pressley from Charlotte (Martin Luther King Middle School) NC and 6'1 8th Grader Dezmine Wells from Raleigh (Word of God Middle School) NC. After some high flying action, even from the smaller guards, the finals yielded Quddus Bello from High Point and Jacob Lawson from Reidsville. After an intensive dunk off, Lawson was victorious and took the title. Games started quickly after that and let me tell you the competition was fierce in both game, with the 2012/2113 rocking in gym 2 and the 2011 in gym 1 the building was totaling electric. Saturday was packed with a day of exciting games and tough play. In gym 2 some of out of towners that came in to North Carolina, made names for themselves, one name will standout for that day and that would be 6’5 7th grader Virgil Parker from Atlanta, GA; this kid is big and bad. Just turning 13 years old months ago and about 200 pounds, this kid is major. He dominating the paint and then stepped out and was shooting from the perimeter. Then comes the recognized New York player 5’9 6th grader Dwayne Foreman from Spring Valley, NY, This kid can play, a big point forward who can handle it and shoot from outside, can even bang for rebounds and start the break. Another outside NC kid was 5’2 7th grader Richard Romeo from Sulpher Springs, WV, by just watching sensational 9th grader Noah Contrell from the WV area, Romeo is not far from reaching Contrell level in the next couple of years. Romeo is a quick guard with some nice moves, and a nice jump shot. 5’9 7th grader Nate Bucher from Lawrenceville, GA also impressed us with his size and ball handling, had a smooth game, and played calmed all weekend. Also impressive was 5’1 7th grader Shamus Gross from Atlanta, GA, 4’10 Jason Sabek from New Kinsington, PA, 4’10 7th grader Kristopher James from Effingham, SC, 4’7 7th grader Terrance James from Florence, SC, 5’0 7th grader Wayne Hill from Randallstown, MD, 5’0 6th grader Isaiah Tripp from Baltimore, MD, 4’10 7th grader Arthur Jordan from Owning Mill, MD, 5’3 6th grader Darius Hubbard from Baltimore, MD, 6’2 7th grader Robert Diggs from Norfolk, VA, 5’6 6th grader Tyquan Moddy from Richmond, VA, 5’2 7th grader Shaquan Rhodes from Norfolk, VA, 5’10 7th grader Jordan Lilliard from Atlanta, GA, 5’5 7th grader Jaquia Reid from Norfolk, VA, 6’2 7th grader Mario Nixon from Norfolk, VA, 5’5 7th grader Zachary Hunter from Newport News, VA, 4’9 7th grader Kiair Crouch from Atlanta, GA, 5’7 7th grader James Bolden from Arabi, GA, 5’0 6th grader Cameron Meyers from Atlanta, GA, 5’6 7th grader Nathaniel Mason from Atlanta GA, 5’6 7th grader Thaj Sha-Deen from Atlanta, GA. Now after mentioning our visiting players, who turned heads, let’s list the players that dominated their own back yard. Starting with 5’9 7th grader Jarri Williams from Charlotte, NC, 5’11 7th grader Jabriel Garner from Raleigh, NC, 5’10 7th grader Jasen Eddie from Charlotte, NC, 5’11 7th grader Gregory McClinton from Winston Salem, NC, 5’6 7th grader Trevor West from Raleigh, NC, 5’2 7th grader Shaun Stewart from Monroe, NC, 6’0 7th grader Julius Hamilton from Charlotte, NC, 5’4 7th grader Denzell Ingram from Raleigh, NC, 5’5 7th grader Kwan Moore from Raleigh, NC, 5’5 7th grader Ben Richter from Charlotte, 5’10 7th grader TJ Warren from Raleigh, NC, 5’6 7th grader Terry Henderson from Raleigh, NC, 5’6 7th grader Mitchell Warner from Charlotte, NC, 5’9 7th grader Rayshawn King from Raleigh, NC, 5’6 7th grader Jalen White from Charlotte, NC, 5’6 7th grader Karl Harris from Charlotte, NC and 5’11 7th grader Blake Kocjeca from Charlotte, NC. You could tell  that some of the guys were getting tried after playing four games in one day, but sometimes those are the things that you have to get use too if you want to be a good ball player, and all these players stuck trough and should past the list to becoming excellent players in the near future